A Secret Baby for the Vampire

by Jasmine Wylder

I have to survive. Not only for me, but also to protect the little secret growing in my womb.

Curvy Nira is a mortal realizing her dream of singing professionally, but her euphoria is short-lived when the unthinkable occurs. When mysterious Cozul walks into the jazz club, setting his sights upon her, she is intrigued but suspicious, her mind focussed more on retribution than their undeniable attraction to one another.

Cozul has lived the life as one of the elite, but sheltered, New Order. He has always yearned for something more. His thirst for the unknown has driven him to reckless heights and immoral lows. When he is sent to the Southern Hemisphere to find another viable donor among the mortal world, he expects to return to a newfound freedom, away from the vapid and the suspicious Elders who keep him from living in peace. But nothing prepares him for the voluptuous and sassy Nira who will spin his world off its axis.

Nira falls captive to Cozul in every way possible, but things are much different in the North. Soon the two are entangled in a battle between forces mortal and immortal; against odds they cannot beat…or can they? Nira must not only survive, but also protect her unborn vampire child.

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Category: Paranormal Romance