A New Daddy (Books 1-3)

by Bella Beaumont

Lara is a powerful woman with an even more powerful boyfriend. But her boyfriend’s son is coming to stay with them, and he might just end up being too much for Lara to handle.

Jason is the son of a wealthy man. He’s a star quarterback, insanely good-looking, and has the whole world at his fingertips. But he wants the one thing he can’t have . . . and after Lara gets an inadvertent look at the monstrous thing he’s most proud of, she might not be able to keep her hands off . . .

Testing the boundaries of relationships and lust, this juicy collision between two strong-willed people is sure to change the future for them both!

(Contains the first three books in the steamy “A New Daddy” series: At His Mercy, Under His Thumb, and Taking What’s Hers. Contains explicit scenes and strong language.)

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Category: Erotica