A Merry Masquerade For Christmas

by Ellis O. Day

What happens when you…

Mix one woman who’s determined to show her husband exactly what he threw away with his cheating ways.

With a man who has never cheated on his wife and has no idea why she’s divorcing him.

Stir in a good-hearted, meddling owner of La Petite Mort Club.

Turn up the heat with a masquerade ball.

You get one hot Christmas Eve at La Petite Mort Club. They may not get a Christmas miracle but they will definitely have a happy ending.

Craig doesn’t want a divorce. He loves his wife and has not ever cheated on her, no matter what she believes. None of that matters because he’s been kicked out of his house and served with divorce papers.

Liz is devastated that her husband of twenty-three – she thought – wonderful years of marriage has been cheating on her. And not just with one woman or even two, but an entire sex club full of younger women.

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