A Matter of Trust: London Calling Book One

by Kat Faitour

Devon Sinclair is brilliant, beautiful, and poised for sure success.
When she arrives in London, she’s determined to make her own way, apart from her American family and their less-than-legal schemes.
What she finds is the last thing she wants—an arrogant, rude boss who also happens to be the one man to awaken her desire and ignite her untouched heart.
Born into a banking dynasty, Bennett Sterling is as cynical about love as he is coldly driven in business. Burned in the past, his number one rule is to never, ever date an employee.
Luckily, rules are made to be broken.
Passion sparks and emotions flare, despite their intentions to stay apart. And as their attraction escalates, their ability to fight against it fades into seductive surrender.
But when Devon’s past comes back to haunt them, will Bennett look beyond the lies to see the truth or will he condemn the woman he loves?

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Category: Contemporary Romance