A Lucky Texas Thanksgiving

by Liz Alvin

Luck never seems to be on Lia’s side!

Thanksgiving is coming up, but she isn’t feeling too thankful. After a disastrous break-up, her apartment being condemned, and her work literally disappearing, she is at her wit’s end. The only thing she can do is move on—from Maine to Texas, where her sister lives.

The problem is getting there…
It just so happens that an ex-client, Susie, and her son are traveling in the same direction—a rare stroke of luck!

Inviting Lia to tag along, Suzie introduces her son, Declan, a gloriously tall, handsome, successful man. With the older woman stopping at every attraction along the way, Lia and Declan have plenty of time to get to know each other.
Lia can’t help but feel attracted—he’s nice, smart, and kind. What’s not to like?

Yet, Lia knows that luck will, again, be against her as their match is fated to end once they reach their destination. Why must she fall for someone now?

As the end of their trip looms ever closer, Lia is left to wonder – Will their goodbye be forever?

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Category: Holidays Romance