A Knight to Call Her Home

by Margaux Thorne

Nothing makes Lady Emma of Wakefield happier than telling her sisters how they should live their lives. She loves order and plans—especially when she is the one making them. When the new King forces her to marry one of his trusted knights, she has no intention of relinquishing her control and going quietly into that good bedchamber. But when she brings her new husband to her estate, she quickly comes to realize her conquering husband isn’t the wedding, bedding, and forgetting type.

Abandoned by his family and scarred by tragedy at a young age, Lord Hugh Fitzsimmons has had to fight for everything he has. After helping King William invade England, he expects nothing more than a bag of coins and a trip back to Normandy. A Saxon heiress, however beautiful, is not in his plans. But his new wife inspires feelings he thought he’d buried long ago, and Hugh is determined to keep what is his. Can he inspire his wife to see him as something other than the enemy or will old wounds ruin any hope he has of building a home he can call his own?

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Category: Historical Romance