A Celebrity Proposal

by Layla Holt

He’s a celebrity nursing a broken heart. She’s a teacher living a secret life. Their paths should not have crossed.

Tanner leaves his celebrity lifestyle behind and goes to his annual retreat to the small town where he grew up, expecting an uneventful holiday. Nothing much happens in town and he likes it that way.

How then does he find himself the fake fiancé of the blond bombshell who is the town’s kindergarten teacher?

Erika is in town teaching little kids and loving the anonymity and space that allows her to deal with her loss at a slow pace. Then she finds her face plastered in not one but several tabloids and the fiancée of a celebrity?

That’s not all. Tanner is everything a woman would want in a man. Smart, sexy and ripped in all the right places. There’s only one problem. Erika knows her place in life and love… and Tanner is definitely out of her league.

Can they turn a fake romance into a real thing?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance