A Billion Dollar Romance

by Britt Bentley

The billionaire professor of my college fantasies is now my fake fiancé. The problem? I forgot our story was fiction, and now I’m in love with a man twelve years my senior.

Celebrity author James Martin was strictly off-limits when I was a college student, and he was the guest professor of my creative writing class. When I bump into him in a bar five years later, I haven’t forgotten him, and I can’t resist the chance at one night with the older man who starred in my college daydreams… and fantasies.

My one night stand with the playboy professor is everything I had ever dreamed of… Until the next morning, when I find out that Professor Martin? He’s my new boss.

A Billion Dollar Romance is a standalone novel in the Bankworth Club Billionaires series. This billionaire boss/employee office romance has an age gap, student/professor roleplay, a fake engagement, and a lot of steamy scenes I don’t want my own former college professors to read. Professor Neiman, this book is not for you.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Billionaire’s One Night Stand Nanny

by Britt Bentley

It was just supposed to be a one-night stand with a handsome older stranger. Now, I’m his daughter’s nanny. But I can’t stop thinking about that one night we shared…

“I’m the nanny.”

Wearing last night’s clothes, standing between my handsome older one-night stand and his–surprise!–ex-wife and daughter, I said the only thing I could think of.

But he does need a nanny.

And I need a job.

Our relationship is doomed from the start. He’s a decade older than me–and he’s my boss.

All we have is a secret summer fling.

But when we’re together, it doesn’t feel forbidden…

It feels like forever.

The Billionaire’s One Night Stand Nanny is a standalone novel in the Bankworth Club Billionaires series. This billionaire single dad/nanny romance has a ten-year age gap, a romance-reading heroine, a really good dad, and a secret relationship.

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