Twist of Fate (A Rift in Time Book 1)

by Kathryn Kelly

Twist of Fate launches Kathryn Kelly’s A Rift in Time Series…Centuries ago a young woman’s life was saved when a mysterious man opened a rift in time for her to escape through. But the rip didn’t heal, and now her descendants are inadvertently slipping through that portal. Misplaced in time, will any of them find their way home again? And will they want to, when love awaits them on the other side?

While visiting her beloved grandfather, veterinarian Erika Becquerel falls asleep in her own bed in the twenty-first century, but awakes to discover she’s somehow fallen into her family’s past. Her home in Natchez, Mississippi is the same, yet subtly different. Empty fields now overflow with unpicked cotton and the house is filled with strangers. Especially one brooding, mysterious stranger.

Charles Becquerel doesn’t particularly care for the woman he’s betrothed to. It’s simply a business arrangement, forged by his father as a way to save his family’s plantation. But the stunning stranger who stumbles into his life threatens to upend all those plans.

Lost in 1837, Erika struggles to return to her own time. She’s the only one who can save her very ill grandfather. But how can she leave behind the man who’s captured her heart? Is Charles willing to defy his father and risk his family home for the love of a woman who thinks she’s from the future? Even if they can find a way to be together, will fate allow them to be defy time itself?

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Category: Time Travel Romance

Lick: Devil’s Fury Book 2

by Torrie Robles

Mothers are supposed to love you. Support you. Protect you.
Not mine, mine did none of those things. – Not one.
My mother taught me that her addiction was stronger than her love for me. Her high was all that mattered. That’s all she needed, all she wanted. Grown men and women took payment from me, so she could get her fix. They took everything from me, just a child, her only son.
Motherly love? F*** that.
I’ve spent my life taking from bitches all too willing to give it up – whores, sluts, The Fallen – you name it, I’ve had a piece of it, of them. It’s how I earned the name Lick. I’ve licked every part of a b****’s body. Until her -Jenni.
From the moment she sashayed her hips up the dirt path of our clubhouse I knew I was f***ed. Curves for days, sweet tits that begged to be sucked. A heart of gold. I know it’s a f***ing cliché, but she was different.
She challenged me – Pushed me
Jenni made me see I’ve spent my life being blind, that I was worth something.
She taught me love doesn’t use.
It’s not twisted, it doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t cost a thing.
I’ll do anything to make her happy. I’ll do whatever the f*** it takes to keep her by my side. She’s far too precious for me, but I’ll be damned if I’ll let her go.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

As Deep as the Ocean (Blue Penguin Bay Book 1)

by Serenity Woods

By the bestselling author of the Three Wise Men box set (USA Today bestseller list, November 2016).

Blue Penguin Bay Book 1: As Deep as the Ocean

“Marry me,” Mac said. “To save the vineyard. It’ll be strictly business.”

He’s right, Winifred Cartwright thought. It was just a contract, a way to access the money tied up in her inheritance. It didn’t mean anything.

Fred knew she mustn’t think about his broad shoulders. About the intriguing tattoo that curled around his arm, how his muscular body gleamed when he worked in the warm sunshine, or how his ocean-blue eyes heated her from the inside out.

She mustn’t think about the stolen kiss, the way he’d slipped his arm around her waist to pull her against him. The soft touch of his lips on hers.

“It’ll be strictly business,” he repeated.

Yeah, right.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

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