The Year of Four

by Nya Jade

When teen spy-in-training Phoebe Pope meets alluring movie star Colten Chase, their connection is undeniable. But things take a terrifying turn when officials learn that Phoebe may be at the center of an ancient mystery. With her life in danger, Phoebe fears for Colten’s safety. Can their love survive when Phoebe must outrun villains determined to suppress the truth? Deeply romantic and thrilling, The Year of Four is a love story that will have you coming back for more.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Set the Night on Fire

by Weston Parker

Trouble. That’s all I am, and I get into it far too often.

My last misstep took me off Search and Rescue and landed me in a f*#king ambulance.

With a guy that would make the nerds cringe.

If it wasn’t for the cute nurse at the hospital making life interesting, I might give up entirely.

But she’s got my heart racing, my hands sweating, and my mind dipping into the gutter each and every time I see her pretty face.

Her past haunts the hell out of her, but I’m going to help her heal and forget all of that sh#@. If she lets me.

And she hates my guts. With good reason, of course.

Too bad for her. Once I lock onto something I want, I’m relentless.

The world can burn down around us, but I’m not stopping until I make her mine.

And when I do?

We’re going to set the night on fire. Every night.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Opposing Briefs

by Ian Finn


Am I falling for my enemy… a straight man?

He’s my opponent in the courtroom.
He defends the same scumbag criminals I’m trying to put away.
Plus he’s my rival in the New York City Marathon.
We’re training for a competition between our firms.
And, unlike me, he’s not even gay.
So, why do I find myself so damn attracted to him?
His cocky swagger and alpha attitude drive me crazy.
But I’m starting to have as much fun running with him as arguing against him.
I want to show him what other oral skills I possess.

Could there be room in our completely opposite worlds… for each other?


Am I falling for my enemy… a gay man?

My whole life, I’ve done everything right.
Now I’m a big time criminal defense attorney.
But sometimes everything I’m living seems like a lie.
I can’t figure out why I’m so attracted to my opposing counsel, Logan.
I’ve never felt such feelings for another man before.
He’s handsome, athletic and intelligent.
I try to tell myself I just want to beat him in court and on the race path.
But deep down I know I want him to take me to the bedroom.
That would ruin my career, and life as I know it.

If I let the real me come out for him, will love destroy us or strengthen us?

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Category: LGBT Romance

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