First (Wrong) Impressions

by K. Ball

Lizzy Bennet’s fundraising mission is to keep her homeless center’s clients well-fed through a cold prairie winter. She meets the snobby and pompous William Darcy of Fitz & William Enterprises. While she’d never dare ask him for help, she can’t stop bumping into him — sometimes, quite literally.

But when Lizzy’s campaign is cut short by the disappearance of her sixteen year old sister, William and his younger sister step in to help the woman they want to make part of their family.

Inspired by Jane Austen’s classic, Pride and Prejudice, First (Wrong) Impressions is Lizzy’s quest for happiness, security, and love in the 21st century.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


His Revenge: A Mafia Revenge Romance

by Roxy Sinclaire

I will avenge my family by killing his, but spare his fine daughter for myself…

I just found out that the man who raised me isn’t my real father.
He was hired by the head of the mafia, Quinn, to kill my family.
But he kept me alive all these years, like his own son.
I’m going to take Quinn’s family down the same he did to mine. One by one.
After seeing his daughter Teagan, I questioned what I was going to do.
Never have I seen a woman as beautiful as her.
She came to my bed that night. Her body was better than chocolate.
I knew I needed her help. As luck of the Irish would have it, convincing her wouldn’t be too hard.
But then I found out she was carrying my baby.
I don’t know if I can avenge my family alone.
Not with her being the mother of my child. Or its grandfather, my major target.
But when I want something, I take it. No compromises.

This is book 4 of the Omerta series. This is a standalone, bad boy mafia revenge romance. There is NO cheating, NO cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happy ending!

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


The Evil Twin?

by P.G.Van

Her life changed forever – will she be able to recreate them?
Vinnie lost her parents when she was ten and went to live in San Francisco with her aunt and her teenage cousin. Years later a simple act of kindness towards a stranger changes her life. When Reyan comes into her life he threatens to shake up her focus and to challenge her resolve. He is everything Vinnie wants in a man and he shows up just when she thought she had everything she needed to stay focused on her life and her goals.
An act of kindness transforms her life, and now she is haunted by questions she needs answers.
Will Reyan crack her titanium tough exterior and get to her heart? Will she let him into her life especially with what she has been through since she was ten? Will she trust Reyan to help her recover from her emotional wounds? Will she get to the bottom of why people think they have seen her at places that she has never been to before? Does she have a doppleganger or a twin?

Follow Vinnie’s and Reyan’s love story as she learns the true meaning of love, trust, and family. Mystery, erotica, and romance are perfectly weaved together in this page-turner book.

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Category: Erotic Romance


Bedrock: A Gripping Romantic Thriller

by Britney King

Addison Greyer knows better. Or at least she should. Never in a million years would she have guessed she’d wind up agreeing to the sinister side-gig her tough-as-nails new boss proposes.

Until she does.

Turns out, one bad decision often leads to another. He’s troubled. She’s married.

It’s a dangerous game, for sure–one in which she stands to lose the most. Soon,
she learns desire is not only dangerous but deadly and there’s a price to be paid for her mistakes.

A pound of flesh.

Never in a million years would she have guessed how far her picturesque little suburban life would unravel. Until it does.

She should have known better. Too bad she didn’t.

You’ll love Britney King’s bestselling psychological thrillers. More than 100K copies downloaded and 50 + five star reviews. Get to know unlikely heroine Addison Greyer before everyone else does. Available in digital and print.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Their Spoiled Brat

by J.L. Beck

We want someone we can call our own, someone that will be our Brat.

Sharing is caring they say, or at least that’s what the Wright Twins say. Three’s never a crowd when it comes to these brothers and when Stephanie Sander’s answers their AD on a dating website, they know they’ve hit the jackpot.

Twin Alpha’s set on making every girl’s fantasy my reality. Selling my virginity was never an option until it became the only thing I had left. In order to stay in school, I needed to come up with money, and a lot of it. One date with the Wright twins and I would be set for awhile, until I met them, and let them bring me back to their mansion for some drinks.

One drink led to another and before I realized it they had me in their bed, whispering dirty words in my ear. They wanted to own me and make me theirs and the worst part was I wanted to let them. I wanted to be their spoiled Brat, who did all the dirty things they desired.

There was only one pesky little problem, one thing that I failed to tell either of them: I was a virgin, and I wasn’t sure that either of them would still want me once they found out.

-This is a STEAMY, I mean HOT, HOT, HOT M/F/M romance that ends in a HEA. This is SMUT all the way through. Pour yourself a drink, and shuck the panties to the floor because it’s time to get dirty with the Wright brothers.-

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Category: Erotic Romance


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