Alien Warrior’s Captive Earthling: Science Fiction Alien Romance

by Kat Emm

Zyn is an ice-cold alpha alien. All emotion has been tortured out of him, and now he is a weapon with fangs. Until he meets her.
She has his species most desired food … her hot blood.
He didn’t think Tellurians still lived, but now he has rescued one.
He thought he was ice … and had no feelings. He thought he was only good at one thing … being a lethal warrior.
But the Tellurian named Anna, a soft civilian, battles him at every turn. She is as beautiful as she is vexing and outspoken, and she is getting under his icy control.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Southern Heat Complete Series Box Set: A Small Town Romance

by Amanda Heartley

All 4 Stories in this Smokin’ Hot Deep South Romance!

Southern Heat will take you on a wild ride of lust, betrayal, white-hot passion and,
ultimately, true love.

Fun and exciting… Dark and deceptive… Hollywood lures
many victims into its lair.

…including Annie, a small town girl with dreams of making it big. She’s naive,
soft and about to score the audition of a lifetime—one that will solidify her
career—if she can navigate the director’s couch. Sex and starlets are
what drive men like Vicktor Rossen. He’ll say and do anything to get what he
wants. She saw it, experienced it and now she’s out for revenge—and her best
friend, his gay personal assistant, knows exactly what to do.

Until a startling phone call shatters everything…

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Contemporary Romance

King: A Brotherhood Bachelors Novel #1

by Kendra Little

He rules a retail empire. He’s worth a fortune. He always gets what he wants – until he meets her.

Stephanie Prescott has been living above the bookstore she inherited from her grandfather ever since walking away from an abusive relationship with a controlling man. The bookstore has always been her haven, now more than ever. The last thing she wants to do is sell it and move out.

But Matt King wants the store, and the man known as King to his friends always gets what he wants. This time it’s more than business. It’s personal. Very personal. Something happened in Stephanie’s building years ago. Something that makes King want to destroy it so he can destroy the memories. Something so shocking that he can’t bring himself to tell her, even after he begins to fall in love with her.

And now King must make a choice – demolish the building and lose Stephanie. Or hold onto the woman he loves and live with the painful memories forever.

$0.00 Previously $2.99

Category: Contemporary Romance

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