Filthy Cowboy

by Amy Brent

I swear, Luke Daniels is as stubborn as a mule and hung like a horse. He spends his time drinking whiskey, riding bulls, and sleeping with every horny woman in west Texas. I gave him my virginity and my heart when I was just a girl. Now, it’s payback time…

I haven’t seen Luke in six years. He was my first lover, my first love, and the first boy to break my heart. But he had his dreams and I had mine, so I was fine with never ever seeing him again.

Okay, that’s a lie. I’ve missed him every day – and every night – for six years. I long to have him back in my life. And back in my bed. And back between my legs.

Then he’s almost killed by a bull and I’m sent to bring him home. The old spark instantly ignites. All I can think about is riding him like a bucking bronco, like I used to, even though he’s stitched up like a baseball and not supposed to do anything strenuous.

The question is, now that we’re back together, will Luke come to his senses and stay with me? Or will the lure of the rodeo once again tear him from my arms?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

How to Catch Crabs

by Demelza Carlton

Love and babies: two things Lucy doesn’t have time for in her life. It’s 1926 and this young West Australian woman is happy as an accountant. And she intends to stay that way.

Along comes Giorgio, an Italian migrant fisherman sent to Australia in disgrace. The moment their eyes meet across the fish market, he knows Lucy’s the girl for him. If it weren’t for those damn crabs and his reputation as a rake, he’s certain he could catch more than just her eye – perhaps even her heart, too.

A tale of crabs, cricket bats and catching your heart’s desire in Jazz Age Western Australia.

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Category: Historical Romance

Protected by the Billionaire Bear

by Jasmine Wylder

Being the only witness to a grizzly murder, Jo will have to seek protection from the sizzling hot company’s owner if she wants to stay above ground.

Josephine “Jo” Wentlandt is a ferocious blue-eyed curvy environmentalist. While protesting the business deal that threatens her home state, Jo unexpectedly becomes the only witness to a murder. As she runs deep into the forest to get away from the murderer she unexpectedly comes upon the one man who can actually offer her real protection.

Clayton Porter is a reclusive billionaire tucked away in the Montana backcountry, but the sought after man is more than what he seems. With a wild secret he doesn’t share with anyone and a serious aversion to intimacy, he is distressed to find a disheveled woman with searing blue eyes and thick curves standing at his doorstep in need of help.

With more than just their lives at stake and the hunt quickly moving in for the kill, Jo and Clayton must find a way to move their fears aside and embrace the untamed parts of themselves if they want to surprise their enemy and take him from predator to prey.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Take Me To The Start

by J R Kavit

Sophia Lane is a quirky young Brooklynite living in London. An aspiring photographer who just lost her job, she considers herself damaged and keeps away from intimacy, until she meets Benjamin King, an enigmatic scientist who has invented a way to reverse cancerous cells. He makes her wishes come true and disappears, when she finally finds him, they discover that in order to be a part of each other’s worlds they’ll have to deal with their dark pasts. The past they worked so hard to hide. When a big secret comes to light, Sophia and Benjamin’s relationship takes a surprising turn. Take Me To The Start is a sexy and deeply moving novel about how the past echoes in the present and our battle with the greatest question of all: what if we could go back and do it differently? It’s a gripping and provoking read that you won’t be able to put down.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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