Heather Graham’s Christmas Treasures

by Heather Graham

Presented together for the first time, New York Times Bestselling Author, Heather Graham brings back three out-of-print Christmas classics that are sure to inspire, amaze, and warm your heart.

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Category: Holidays Romance

Writing the Wolf

by Steffanie Holmes

Rosa rents a cabin in the woods, hoping to write in peace and escape her dark past. instead, she finds herself embroiled in a dangerous shifter war. Only the mysterious and gorgeous handyman Caleb can help her, but will his desire for her doom them both? Sink your teeth into this hot new paranormal romance from a USA Today bestselling author.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Seduction of Santa

by Emma Calin

A street-hardened cop, a lonely woman. Dare she unwrap the Christmas gift of love from a dangerous Santa?

A Seduction Series romance novella for the holiday season.

For Paula Middleton, the season of love is not just Christmas. As a cop on the hard streets of south London she knows the value of mercy. As a woman alone she fills her life with love for others in her community. When her kindness conflicts with the ruthlessness of the law, the heartless system of police discipline moves against her.

Max Muswell has a reputation as a hard man, a local boy-made good. Never overstepping the mark, always bending the rules, he’s charming but ruthless.

Crossing swords with this tough and dominating man could be the end of her career or the chance of mind-blowing passion to last a lifetime.

Can love for all men also become the love of one man for one woman? Can the sparkle of snow find an echo in the sparkle of a diamond to last for every season?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

The Christmas Surprise : A Billionaire Single Daddy Romance

by R.R. Banks

Graham Castle. Hot single dad.
Arrogant, filthy rich, and rude as h*ll.
We couldn’t be more different.
But being stranded in a blizzard has a way of bringing people closer.

All I want is to run away, escape.
Then Graham Castle barged into my life.
Big ego. Bulging muscles. Ruggedly handsome.
He awakened my deepest desires.
I gave him a precious gift. My virginity.
Now what I want is to escape into his arms.
But will our winter romance outlive the storm?

Even billionaires have a Christmas wish list.
My only wish is to see my son – Charlie.
Then walks in the most gorgeous green eyes.
Fiery red hair, seductive curves, and full of sass.
I knew she was meant to be mine.
To taste. To touch. To command.
Now we’re stranded together.
She can’t escape me or this blizzard.
I’ll claim her sweet innocence, and please her in every way.
But she left me with no explanation…
Will I be able to get her back, and give my son the family he deserves?

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Category: Sports Romance

Playing Stacy

by Jenn Hype

Me and trouble go together like Nutella and, well, anything.

Meaning, as a team we offer no real benefit and are ultimately bad for you in the end, yet you just can’t help yourself from indulging.

Yeah, hi there, my name is Stacy and I’m what some might call a miscreant. Though I’d prefer you compare me to the likes of a mischievous fairy. (Because I’m adorable and spritely and how many criminals can you say that about?) I mean no harm, it’s all in good fun. But some people – *coughChadcough* – have a hard time appreciating my good-natured, all-around lovable personality.

But on occasion, my fun becomes a little less… innocent. Like when the stick-up-his-butt police officer, whom I like to refer to as Officer McSexyPants, made an enemy in me. Tossing me in jail over a very obvious joke (because what kind of idiot legitimately tries to whore herself out to an officer in uniform, am I right?) might have sounded like a good idea at the time, but he was wrong. Oh, (cue evil laughter) he was so, so wrong.

To prepare you for this ride-along, I’ve composed a list of things you’ll need before beginning your journey: Extra undies (Because mom always said to wear clean underwear in case you were in an accident, and I foresee a lot of wreckage); A toothbrush (‘Coz I’m a dental hygienist and bad oral care habits bug me); A playlist of songs that get you pumped up for badassery (Mine is full of NSYNC – everyone knows they are the real OGs); And lastly, some pencil and paper (You’ll want to take notes for future use. Eventually it’ll be your turn to exact revenge on someone and I promise to give you good material).

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Category: Romantic Comedy

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