Northern Kingdom Book 1: Northern Kingdom

by K.T. Harding

When a man of mystery saves Mia McGuire from untold danger in a remote Himalayan forest, nothing can stop destiny from sweeping them together in unstoppable passion. Who is he and where did he come from? Mia finds herself embroiled in a battle to the death between raging factions of magical creatures and powerful mystical forces. Can Mia leave behind a tattered past to seize a new life of love, fulfillment, and belonging?

Rome is everything Mia could hope for: magnetic, princely, and intoxicatingly sexy, and the Northern Kingdom brings out her deepest buried desires. There’s just one problem. Rome can’t get over his tragic past to see what he could have with Mia. What will become of these wayward hearts seeking each other in the wilderness? They have to fight at every turn just to stay alive, and they might not survive the terrible danger threatening them from every side to live to love another day.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Northern Kingdom Book 2: The Journey of Fallen Kings

by K.T. Harding

Jean Ross runs for her life when mysterious creatures attack her camp in the remote Himalayas. Where are her friends, and who is this lunatic fanatic she comes across in her desperate flight to safety? He tells her his name is Shan, and he’s on a month-long quest to distant mountains. He’s not allowed contact with women, and he must carry all his supplies on his back, but one strange and dangerous event after another throws Jean into his path. They wind up traveling together into a world full of magic, mystery and passion.

Jean can’t decide if she likes Shan or hates him. He might be impossibly sexy with the body of a god. He might be overpoweringly, intoxicatingly hot in the sack, too. He’s commanding, conquering, possessive. Yep, she definitely hates him. So why does she keep falling under his spell? Why does she want to help him complete his quest against all odds?

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Luke’s Redemption (Book 1 King Security Series)

by Anni Fife

Red-hot sex. Searing betrayal. A passionate and elusive love…

Chased by her criminal kingpin father, Katya Dalca runs to New Orleans and straight into the arms of Luke Hunter. Sucked into the carnal world of the French Quarter, she succumbs to Luke’s potent sexuality. He not only steals her breath, he steals her heart, and the only leverage she has against her father. She’s left with no choice but to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life alone.

Undercover DEA agent Luke Hunter thought his newest assignment was like any other. But his target brings him to his knees, and after one taste of her intoxicating beauty, he’s in too deep. Doing his job means walking away, leaving his heart behind with nothing but a promise to reunite. It’s a promise he can’t keep.

When Katya’s past reaches out and her world unravels, her only hope is the one man she is most vulnerable to—Luke.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Romancing the Holidays 2

by 9 Romance Authors

Curl up by the fire with a glass of mulled wine or hot chocolate and celebrate the magic of Christmas with these nine heart-warming stories about love, hope and family.

There’s something for any reader who loves the romance of Christmas. These sweet novellas are a perfect way to unwind in the busy the holiday season, so pick up your copy today!

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance

Love’s Return: A Christian Romance (Protected By Love Book 1)

by T.K. Chapin

She’s a reporter, he’s a bodyguard. When these two run into each other for the first time in five years, sparks fly. A lot can happen in five years. Can love overcome past hurts?

LOVE’S RETURN is book one of the Christian romance series, PROTECTED BY LOVE by T.K. Chapin. Follow the lives of the men and women working for WIN bodyguard agency as they face the challenges of faith, love and life. The PROTECTED BY LOVE series is a spin-off of the best-selling DIAMOND LAKE series and the book IN HIS LOVE.

Five years ago, Jessica and Kirk were headed the same direction but on two separate paths. Jessica claiming her independence; Kirk chasing a professional hockey career. Sharing more than just a car ride, they found themselves longing for something more but decided to part ways.

Five years later.

Jessica McColler focuses all her energy on her current job as a reporter for a Christian magazine. She has friends, supportive family and a job she finds purpose in, all seems perfect. Then one day everything changes when her life is suddenly shaken to its core.

Enter Kirk Dekker. Hockey never happened for him, but he did find fulfillment in his life for a time. When the unthinkable happens and brings him to his knees, he questions if he’ll ever overcome the pain.

A lot can happen in five years. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad.

God’s love can return to our lives when we allow Him into our hearts, minds and soul. It’s only through the softening of our heart can we find the healing that we need.

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Category: Inspirational Romance

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