Knight Games Box Set

by Genevieve Jack

***Over 100,000 copies sold!***

Magic can be deadly in the wrong hands, but love can be deadlier in the right ones.
All four full-length Knight Games novels in one place!

In this paranormal romance/urban fantasy series with scintillating heat, page-turning action, and a touch of humor, a young nurse becomes entangled in a love triangle with a sexy cemetery caretaker and the ghost who lives in her attic when she moves into a rent-free house on the edge of a graveyard.

$0.99 Previously $7.99

Category: Paranormal Romance



The Billionaire Cowboy’s Speech

by Margo Bond Collins

Two years ago, billionaire rancher Tor Edwards was trampled by a bull when he jumped into a rodeo arena to save a child. He’s mostly recovered, but the damage to the speech center of his brain might leave him with a permanent stutter. Now he’s tired of dating women who seem interested in him for his money—but who are impatient with his slow speech. He knows he’s not the man he used to be; he doesn’t need anyone to point it out to him. So he’s glad to be back on his ranch in Necessity, where no one cares if he’s wealthy, or if it sometimes takes him longer to get a sentence out than it should. When he meets Leta, the town’s newest, and most beautiful, resident, he decides to see if maybe she could learn to love him for himself, before he tells her that he’s a billionaire. But when Tor’s billion-dollar secret comes out, he’ll have to decide what matters more: honesty, or telling the truth.

$0.99 Previously $1.99

Category: Contemporary Romance



The Heart of Thornton Creek (Queensland Chronicles Book #1)

by Bonnie Leon

After falling for a handsome young Australian named Daniel Thornton, Rebecca Williams gives up her life in high society Boston and follows him to his father’s cattle station deep in the bush country of late 1800s Queensland.
As she acclimates herself to her new surroundings and her new family, Rebecca is unpleasantly surprised to find that Daniel’s father, Bertram, not only runs the prosperous cattle station, but also runs his son’s life. And his influence doesn’t stop there. It seems to Rebecca that Bertram oppresses his wife, his servants, his ranch hands, and even the rest of the townsfolk in Thornton Creek!
Can Rebecca adjust to her awkward surroundings? Will she ever be able to get along with Bertram’s bullying? Or will he drive Rebecca and Daniel apart once and for all?

$0.00 Previously $8.99

Category: Historical Romance



What Love Can Do: O’Neill Brothers (Home to Green Valley Book 1)

by Virna DePaul

When a sweet and sassy baker meets the new Irishman in town, things start to sizzle…

Ex-rugby player Quinn O’Neill has just arrived in Northern California wine country when he meets Lilly Parker. She’s the baker at the B&B, an amazing gazelle of a woman. Blonde. Curvy. With high cheekbones that give her the look of an old-fashioned pin-up with a naughty side. She’s wearing a pink and black apron that reads Life is Short–Lick the Bowl, and all Quinn can imagine is them: her, wearing nothing but that apron, and him, licking and savoring.

The more time they spend together, the more Quinn believes Lilly’s the one. Only she’s headed to Miami in a week’s time to pursue her own dream, and he has a decision to make.

Does he go back to Dublin and his rugby career? Or does he make a home in the enchanted valley town, start his life fresh, and see if love’s enough to make Lilly his forever?

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Contemporary Romance


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