Chosen by the Vampire King

by T. S. Ryder

A BBW who needs money PLUS a vampire king who wants to impregnate her PLUS a violent enemy out for revenge!

Maribel Arnaz never thought she’d sell off her virginity. But she’s about to…

Robbed of everything by an ex-boyfriend, Maribel needs money. One signature and some blood, and she has what she wants – a job as a vampire’s blood donor. This should be easy, right? Right. Until the sexy-as-hell vampire king makes her an offer. She can have whatever she wants, if she bears him a child.

It’s just a business agreement. No emotions involved. So why is she so drawn to that predatory gleam in his eyes?

Vampire king Sheridan wants an heir and has found the right woman for the job. But he can’t satisfy his needs, because he might lose control and hurt his human mate. What is he supposed to do? She tortures him with her golden-olive skin, lush curves and body made for love.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Teach Me Daddy

by Rye Hart

I welcomed the isolation of the stony mountains.
But there’s one woman that haunts me to this day.
For one night, I owned her. Her submission. Her purity.
It’s been years and she has something that belongs to me: our daughter.


The icy cold mountains have nothing on Camillo.
He has a thirst for dominance. Control. Power.
Three years ago, I got a taste of what it meant to be with a real man.
Those few hours of ecstasy were worth losing my virginity to a stranger.
But, when I learned the truth about him I ran as fast as I could.
Now he’s shacked up in a cabin at the outskirts of town and I’m scared he knows my secret.
Something tells me I can trust him, but I can’t take any chances – no matter how badly I want to.


My nephew deserves a life free from violence and pain.
I traded a dangerous world for one that promised a clean slate.
But no matter how hard I try – there’s one person that still haunts me.
For one perfect night, I owned her in every way imaginable.
Now, she’s the mother of my little girl.
I’ll do everything in my power to make Rose mine.
And convince her I’m the family man she deserves.

But, a dark past is coming back to haunt me – and everyone I love.
They have no idea the hell I’m about to release.
Because no one is laying a finger on my family.

65,000+ words in this full length standalone romance. Bonus content included after the main story, including a never before published full length reverse harem Christmas Romance. Grab your copy today.

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by Cristiane Serruya

Billionaire widower Aleksander Maximilian’s daughter, Olivia, is dying of brain cancer. To grant his beloved daughter her wish to spend her last Christmas in Lake Tahoe, he gathers a palliative care team. But he didn’t count on having on it, the woman he had kissed the night before…

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Category: Contemporary Romance


One Small Chance

by Lucinda Whitney

Isabel Antunes is content with her life as director of the British Academy in Lisbon. Then she’s hit by a man on a bike—a man her boss just hired to be her assistant. Despite Simon Ackerley’s repeated assurances to the contrary, Isabel believes he’s after her position, but she won’t hand it over without a fight. As if dealing with him all week is not enough, he shows up at church as well. Her only solace is in writing to the pen pal she knows as “Elliot”.

Simon Ackerley told his father that he was moving to Lisbon for the job. But that isn’t the only reason. Simon is looking for Amélie, the pen pal he’s written for fifteen years. A woman he knows everything about—except her real name and address.

When the biking accident reveals that Simon’s prickly co-worker Isabel is the elusive Amélie, he knows he has to win her trust before he can confess his true identity. If only he could tell her the actual reason why he’s come, he’s sure Isabel would treat him differently. But she’s not ready for the truth.

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Category: Inspirational Romance


Dragon Rebel

by Ophelia Bell

The most powerful red dragon in existence will stop at nothing to claim his Fated mates. The nymph maiden and ursa male Fate promised him are just beyond reach. Once the nymph’s crazy mother is subdued, nothing will stop him from claiming and marking them both as his.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


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