Touch Me

by Kitty Kendall

Jane’s management job at a beach side hotel leaves no time for love, let alone romance. Until New Year’s Eve, when everyone in the world is partying except her and the first boy she ever kissed enters her hotel. But he’s no longer a boy, George has grown into a man with abs she’d like to lick. Jane’s obsessed, possessed. . . and she does the unthinkable. . . . she dresses in a sexy disguise, names herself Memphis and goes to George’s room uninvited.

The outrageous experience is hot and liberating and so far out of character that Jane’s ready to be locked in a padded cell. Her best friend comes to the rescue. Lolita believes it’s time for Jane to release her non-existent sexuality. So Jane agrees to a challenge. It’s dangerous. It’s exciting. And it shows Jane a wild side to herself that she never knew existed.

But how long can she hide behind her naughty little secret?

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Category: Romantic Comedy


The Billionaire’s Arranged Baby

by Rochelle Williams

Growing up together, Eva has secretly been in love with Andrew her whole life.

Unfortunately, Andrew has been so busy using his billions to jet-set across the world and sleep with as many women as possible, he hasn’t had a chance to notice Eva’s feelings.

But things are about to change.

A stipulation in Andrew’s dad’s will states that if he wants to inherit his father’s company, he has to wed and have a baby with Eva.

With things being a bit rocky between the two, will Eva agree to the plan?

Or will Andrew have to watch his dreams and bills get buried with his father?

Find out in this passionate marriage and pregnancy romance by popular author Rochelle Williams.

Suitable for over 18s only due to steamy sex scenes between a billionaire and his Nubian queen.

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Category: African American Romance


Coming Together

by Mia Ford

Reese and her best friend had a dream that they buckled down and made come true, not long after graduating from high school. Reese was the girl that was determined, self-sacrificing, and very picky about the men she dated. She was a virgin, hell-bent on having the perfect first time with someone she could consider to be in a long-term relationship with. However, after spending years taking care of the dogs at her animal business, and never going out, Leena pushes her to take a chance. Little did she know as she adorned that tight blue dress, and heading off to a childhood friend’s wedding, that she might just get to know a man that she never would have considered.

Blaine had it all, the looks, the money, the company, and the brains, but he was still discontent with women, figuring they were all after his money. He is that typical romantic playboy billionaire, floating through Philadelphia, sleeping with women and the bouncing before the sun came up. Then it happened, his eyes fixating on Reese from across the wedding. At first her fears take over and he is left unsure if he would ever see her again. However, when emotions had passed, and numbers had been retrieved, Blaine walked right into getting to know Reese. Will his playboy ways keep him from a serious relationship? Or will Reese’s inability to commit until she finds the perfect guy, blind her from seeing what was right in her face.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Art of Worship

by Kilby Blades

Teenage virgin Reed Whitney stands to inherit a cache of lovemaking wisdom that has been passed down through generations. There’s only one problem: the knowledge is shared directly from father to son. Sorely lacking in confidence and skill in the bedroom, Reed is desperate to please his girlfriend. But can he survive the awkward embarrassment of tutelage from his dad to master the art of worship?

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Category: Erotic Romance


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