Insidious: An Urban Fantasy Romance (The Marked Mage Chronicles, Book 1)

by Victoria Evers

What’s worse than being hunted by a devil?
Discovering you’ve been mated to one.

When a fun night out on the town turns deadly, Kat Montgomery discovers that vampires, shifters, demons, & angelic hunters all exist. After that one fateful night, she can feel the changes beginning to take hold of her. Worse yet, she has no idea what she’s even turning into! All she knows is someone wants her dead, and someone even worse wants her alive. Hell’s mystifying Crown Prince of Lust has just marked her to be his Mate, and this handsome devil won’t stop until he claims what is his. Her only real ally rests in the one person she can’t stand: the insufferably gorgeous Reese Blackburn.

Kat was just your average seventeen-year-old girl. Now, her very soul is at stake. Can her unlikely partnership challenge fate itself before it’s too late, or will she be forever damned as a Princess of Hell?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Georgia on My Mind

by Marie Force

Since Georgie Quinn’s mother died after a brief illness, the highlight of Georgie’s life has become jogger stalking every morning with her roommates Tess and Cat. Stuck running the senior center her mother founded in Newport, RI, until a replacement director is found, Georgie dreams of returning to her glamorous life in Atlanta. As that life begins to unravel, she discovers a whole new one in Newport where the jogger turns out to be sexy detective and tree hugger Nathan Caldwell. Determined to get her mind off her many problems, including a possible threat to her own health, Georgie indulges in what she intends to be a no-holds-barred one-night stand with Nathan. Unfortunately, Nathan has other ideas and sets out to have a relationship with her. Tess, on the run from an abusive husband, and Cat, who raised her younger brother and sister, hook up with Nathan’s brothers, Ben, an injured Iraqi war veteran, and Ian, a single-father and talented musician. Add a zany cast of seniors who seem determined to drive Georgie slowly mad with their never-ending needs and comparisons to her sainted mother, and you’ve got the ingredients for a fast-paced, often comical, emotional journey that leads Georgie straight to the home of her heart. Three romances for the price of one!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Three Wishes

by Lisa Manifold

To find out what might have been, she has to give up control over what will be.

After a long night of eating too much ice cream and lamenting her missed chances and bad choices, Tibby Holloway wakes up to find a freelancing djinn sitting on her bed. He makes her the offer of a lifetime: three wishes – three chances to go back and change her life.

She can choose a different career, find the man she loved and lost – in short, she can go back and do everything right this time.

But there’s a catch.

Once she’s gone back three times, once she’s created three new—and hopefully better—realities, the djinn will decide where she ends up.

Maybe it would be better not to even know … but that’s a chance Tibby will have to take if she wants to have her THREE WISHES.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Sheikh’s Triplet Baby Surprise

by Holly Rayner

If one baby can change your life, how about three?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Jane Stain

Sasha just got her dream job at a dig in the highlands of Scotland. Where her friends ply her with celebratory champagne, throw a plaid cloak over her business suit, and take her to the 14th century to do original research on the dig site. She meets gorgeous highlander Seumas there, and — wait, is this a good idea?

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Category: Time Travel Romance

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