Wicked Witch (The Wickedest Witch Book 1)

by Meg Xuemei X

She f**ks me hard and forgets me the next morning.

I can’t forget our hot, sweaty nights together. I’m sure the Wickedest Witch has hexed me, making me lust only for her. How dare she use me and discard me like that!

And just as I’m about to punish her, I uncover the truth—she is my fated mate. I’ve crossed light years and crashed onto this savage planet for her, but she can’t remember a damn thing about me. I’ll do anything and kill anyone to cure her amnesia so she can remember how our passion for each other burns hotter than the stars.

I’m Archangel Gabriel. And I won’t let my mate, the only female who matters to me, be doomed.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

White (The Wings Trilogy Book 1)

by Angelina J. Steffort

Angels are living among us! When Claire meets the mysterious Adam it she sets off a series of events that cannot be undone. Dive into your new favorite angel-series…

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Dragon’s Treasure (Lords of the Dragon Islands Book 2)

by Isadora Montrose

Curvaceous Leah St. George never planned to be Atlanta’s oldest virgin. But life slipped away while she was caring for her ailing grandparents. Billionaire Hugo may not know his curvy temp is his destined virgin bride but he wants her just the same.

This smoking hot dragon is about to get his wings clipped by this adorable Steel Magnolia.

This delectable Georgia Peach is holding out for true love and a man as faithful and dependable as her honorable Marine grandpa. Hugo is a dragon lord used to women falling at his feet.

Oh, and what about the bit where Alpha Male Hugo turns BBW Leah into a twenty foot long lizard? Talk about your deal breaker. Hugo’s motto is ‘I hold what is mine’. But what if your treasure has a mind of her own? He just might be the first dragon lord in history to die of a broken heart.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Blood and Ashes

by Marilyn Peake

Worlds are falling apart in two realms: human and faerie. After the factories close and her father dies of alcoholism, Kaelin helps her family survive by foraging for food. Her world is thrown into chaos as she comes to realize she has incredible power as both blood and hedge witch. When a handsome stranger enters her life, it’s clear that he’s not from her neck of the woods. Although he and his family appear perfect in so many ways, they desperately need her help.

Blood and Ashes is a Paranormal Romance novel with some adult content.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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