Belle of Charleston

by Jerri Hines

Set against the backdrop of Antebellum Charleston with the martial clash of brother against brother looming on the horizon-here is an absorbing, tantalizing saga of life during one of our country’s most turbulent times-Southern Legacy Series.

In a world of pageantry and show, the Montgomery family accepts the way of life that has been antebellum Charleston for over a hundred years. Two cousins, the handsome and debonair, Wade Montgomery and the bold and brooding Cullen Smythe, were born to be brothers. Raised as Southern gentlemen, their character could never be questioned: loyalty, honor, duty to one’s country, God and family. It was the tie that binds until…their bond is threatened, not only by the cry for secession but by a woman-Josephine Buchanan Wright.

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Category: Historical Romance

Blood Doesn’t Lie

by Nova Archer

It starts with a murder…

Caine Valorian and his Otherworld Crime Unit crack all the unusual cases before any humans take notice. When a young woman is found ritualistically murdered in the Otherworlder city of Necropolis, it’s his team of professionals with paranormal gifts who must stop the nameless evil stalking the streets.

As the team sinks deeper into the workings of the case, Caine’s attraction to the alluring human investigator, Eve, is causing his blood to boil and he battles urges he hasn’t dealt with in decades. And with war brewing between species, the all-consuming passion between a human and a vampire won’t be the only thing to spill on the city’s mean streets…

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Category: Paranormal Romance


by Katie Dowe

A sexy marriage of convenience romance by Katie Dowe.

Looking for work, Carrie finds a job as a temporary waitress at the exclusive Elite Club; a club packed full of billionaires with snobby attitudes. One night her car breaks down and a billionaire playboy Patrick offers her a ride home. Sparks fly instantly and a hot one night stand ensues. He’s awesome in bed, but Carrie decides it was just a one off fling and she should move on.

Until down the line she finds out she’s pregnant.

Patrick tells his parents, who say he should marry Carrie so he doesn’t ruin the family name. Carrie thinks Patrick’s hot, sure, but she doesn’t love him. Will Carrie and Patrick’s baby end up with a loving family and a financial legacy? Or will they inherit nothing but chaos? Find out in this hot yet stormy romance by Katie Dowe.

Suitable for over 18s only.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Hunter’s Daughter

by M.F. Lorson

In the rodeo town of Pendleton, Oregon 17 year old Maura lives with her sister and single father Mike. When her father’s diabetes threatens to take his foot Maura is left to care for her younger sister while Mike spends his final steps hunting in the Blue Mountains.

Meanwhile Maura’s teenage neighbor Alex is spending the summer babysitting his alcoholic grandfather and fending off a hardcore crush on her.

Though nothing about their summer has been easy it becomes far more challenging when Mike’s return date comes and goes with no sign of him. Determined to bring Mike home and win Maura’s heart in the process Alex takes Maura on a three day expedition into the wilderness.

A sweet romance for fans of Kasie West and Huntley Fitzpatrick.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Hidden (Shifters Unlimited: Clan Black Book 1)

by KH LeMoyne

Shifter Chisholm Barduc has kept his family safe despite the mob’s target on their back. Free from any alpha’s control as well. But his luck is running out when his teenage daughter falls victim from a local crime. And if his instincts are correct, the beautiful police officer protecting his daughter’s secret is the mate Chisholm never believed he’d find. Only she’s not buying her role in mated destiny.

Dani Leggett gets the shock of her life witnessing a teenager shifter’s first change. And while Dani has supernatural secrets in her closet, she not ready to settle down. But one sexy lion shifter and his brood do their best to turn her life upside down and get under her skin. Now she must decide between remaining true to her professional code of conduct or sacrificing everything for those she loves.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Brother’s Best Friend Unwrapped

by Aria Ford

He’s my brother’s best friend.

Back in high school, I gave him my heart. He broke it and left to join the Army.

Now he’s at my brother’s house for our family Christmas. I know I should run, go back home before I let Carson hurt me again. But I can’t disappoint my brother’s kids by leaving.

He’s still gorgeous and arrogant, but the pain in his eyes draws me in.

I can’t resist him. This sizzling attraction is stronger than ever.

Every stolen kiss, every secret rendezvous just makes me fall deeper for him. We’re sneaking around my brother’s house like teenagers, hot and breathless.

But something’s wrong—he keeps pushing me away, wrestling his own demons from the war—I want to be there for him and make him forget everything else but us. What if he won’t let me?

Maybe this is my chance to be naughty for Christmas. Or maybe he’s the answer to all my dreams.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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