A True Alpha Christmas

by Alisa Woods

Christmas is a magical time… and a hard time to keep secrets. Mia is a shifter who’s long hidden her identity. Her heart belongs to sexy alpha Lucas. Their mating has bonded them for life, but there’s no wedding ring to show for it. With Christmas looming, Mia fears there will be nothing but broken hearts in the end.

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Category: Holidays Romance

Beyond Shame (Beyond, Book 1)

by Kit Rocha

All Noelle Cunningham has ever wanted is a life beyond-beyond the walls of Eden, where only the righteous are allowed to remain, and beyond her stiflingly restrictive existence as a councilman’s daughter. But only ruins lie outside the City, remnants of a society destroyed by solar storms decades earlier.

The sectors surrounding Eden house the corrupt, the criminal-men like Jasper McCray, bootlegger and cage fighter. Jas clawed his way up from nothing to stand at the right hand of Sector Four’s ruthless leader, and he’ll defend the O’Kane gang with his life. But no fight ever prepared him for the exiled City girl who falls at his feet.

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Category: Erotic Romance

One Night of Misbehavior

by Shelley Munro

In an act of disobedience, Charlotte Dixon attends the social event of the year—a masquerade costume ball. Her naughtiness escalates when she smooches with a mystery man. The night of passion that follows makes her yearn for a different life, but the next day she’s back to her routine of household management.

Advertising tycoon, Ash Marlborough is about to set a PI on the trail of his nameless princess when she waltzes into his place of work. Charlotte is shocked to meet her masked man in the flesh. Despite craving more, she doesn’t have time for a man, not when she wants to grasp a new, improved life with both hands. But Ash knows what he wants, and he’s determined to win the heart of his princess. Let the dance of seduction commence.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Against the Wall

by Mia Benjamin

Mel: Maybe hooking up with some random guy isn’t the greatest idea Mel ever had. But she just lost her job, and now she has to spend a week with her family—plus some old friend of her dad’s that she hasn’t seen in fifteen years. A girl needs a little stress relief, and the silver fox she picks up at the cabana bar is just what the doctor ordered.

Dex: After fifteen years married to the most miserable woman God ever put on this earth, Dex has earned the right to a little fun, and the blonde who picks him up at the cabana bar is all that and more. She’s a little young, but it’s a one-shot deal. He’ll take her for a quick spin, then head over to spend the week with his oldest friend and his family. He hasn’t seen them in fifteen years. Should be interesting.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

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