by Jayne Blue

Sawyer is the Prez of the MC. He knows down to his bones he’d die for the Great Wolves MC. Then Bess walked into his life. Now he knows he’d die for her. He’s got a war on his hands, an enemy to destroy, and a woman to claim. The Prez’s work is never done. Good thing Sawyer’s the best man for every job.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Play Me, Coach

by Sylvia Fox

Coach Eric Sutton is the hottest man on campus. He’s what I call an Alpha Silver Fox… Older, hot, and delicious. Every co-ed on campus fantasizes about him. And every guy dreams about what it would be like to be on his team…which just so happens to be the #1 squad in all of college basketball.

Coach knows how to win.

I could care less about the basketball part. Couldn’t tell you anything about it. I’m just a bookworm who always has her nose in a steamy romance novel. And besides, Coach wouldn’t look at me twice. And not just because I’m too curvy and too nerdy…

I’m also his daughter’s best friend.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Treat Me, Doctor

by Sylvia Fox

Liam Cox is the definition of sex. Everything he does oozes masculinity, and my blood pressure rises every time he glances my way. I’ve always wanted the hottest doctor alive. Who the hell wouldn’t? He can put his stethoscope on me anytime his heart desires.

The only problem is…he’s sixteen years older than me.

Oh. And he’s also my dad’s best friend.

So, when we end up spending Christmas Eve alone at a ski resort together, my fantasies can’t help but run wild. I’m itching to feel his lips on mine, no matter how off-limits he might be.

In fact, the off-limits part of the equation only makes me want him more.

Turns out, my fantasy might not be as one-sided as I thought…

I have an ache that needs curing, Doctor Cox. And you’re the only medicine for me.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Three Rivers Ranch Romance Box Set, Books 1 – 3: Inspirational Western Romances

by Liz Isaacson and Elana Johnson

This Christian western romance boxed set contains the first three novels in the Three Rivers Ranch Romance series – Second Chance Ranch, Third Time’s the Charm, and Fourth and Long.

Second Chance Ranch: A Three Rivers Ranch Romance (Book 1): After his deployment, injured and discharged Major Squire Ackerman returns to Three Rivers Ranch, wanting to forgive Kelly for ignoring him a decade ago. He’d like to provide the stable life she needs, but with old wounds opening and a ranch on the brink of financial collapse, will Squire and Kelly have the patience and faith to make their second chance possible?

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Category: Western Romance

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