Royally Wicked

by Alexa Kaye

Yeah, I’m a prince. But I’m no prince-effing-charming. I’m not looking to make some girl’s Cinderella fantasy come true.
Until I meet her. My Riley. My sexy, sweet little American with a body built for sin.
Which is fitting, since we’re in Las Vegas, Sin City. Where anything can happen. Even a guy like me falling in love–at first sight.
Now that I have her in my arms, and in my bed, I have no intention of letting her go. No matter what it takes.
She has no idea who I am.
She has no idea what I am.
She has no idea what I’m up to…
When she finds out the truth, will my princess let me sweep her off her feet, or will she put this knight-in-shining armor through the battle of his life?

Warning: This is a short, dirty, over-the-top story of insta-love that may make you throw down your Kindle and do naughty things in the dark. If you want a long read that’ll take you all summer to finish and inspire deep, philosophical thoughts try War and Peace.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance



The Sexy Boss: Sedition

by Z.L. Arkadie and T.R. Bertrand

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The Sexy Boss -Sedition
Everyone knew of him but no one knew much about him – and those who did know, weren’t spilling the tea. And so my new boss remained an enigma…

Until the moment I laid eyes on him.

Nolan Patrick.

The man I can’t get out of my dreams, out of my fantasies.

But when a stroke of fate puts us together, a force stronger than the both of us will try to tear us apart. There’s one thing we’ll learn for sure–whether or not love truly conquers all.

The Sexy Boss – Sedition is the first contemporary romance in The Sexy Series by authors Z.L. Arkadie and T.R. Bertrand.

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Category: Contemporary Romance



Montana Sky: Rye’s Reprieve

by Louella Nelson

Gifted surgeon Rye Rawlins is trapped by a tragic secret so painful that he denies his profession and works as a miner in a gold mine. But saving people is second nature, whether its doctoring a man mauled by a mountain lion or battling a wolf to save a child.

Veterinarian and horse rancher Missouri Harper, the sole support for her three sisters and ailing aunt, must fight her attraction to the handsome miner, whose bravery puts her in his debt. To keep the land she has claimed for her family, she must remain a spinster for three years.

Struggling against bitter winter weather, lack of provisions, and wild predators, Missouri vows to deny her love to protect her sisters’ legacy.

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Category: Western Romance



Call of the Dragon

by Elianne Adams

For years, Rhia Atkinson has been on the run. The same vicious creatures that killed her mother are on the hunt, and she’s the prey. With the monsters hot on her heels, she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep running.
On the brink of extinction, the people of Avalore are desperate to find their long lost queen. When Drake Sperwell finally finds her, all he has to do is keep Rhia safe, and bring her home. But his dragon wants more—it wants her.

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy Romance


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