Dirty Prince

by Vanessa Waltz

The prince needs a wife to keep his crown…he picked me!

You’ve read the tabloids. You’ve seen Liam, the jaw-dropping, gorgeous prince of Anglefell. Believe me, he’s even filthier than they say. How do I know?

I married him.

I slapped him, and he threw me in the dungeon. The only way out? Marry the arrogant bastard. He needs a wife to keep his crown, and I want my freedom. When he takes the throne he’ll let me go.

Now I have to play the part of pretty princess in this dirty fairy tale, with my hot royal husband teaching me how to behave. His instruction is very hands on…on my body. I’d like to knock the smirk from his face, until I melt under his touch and beg for more. And what’s even worse? I think his smart mouth and cocky attitude might be growing on me.

This is only supposed to be a temporary, but it’s rapidly turning into a happily ever after. What if I don’t want this fairy tale to end?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance



The Ivy Lessons

by Suzy K Quinn

The Ivy Series: Kindle Unlimited New York Times Bestsellers – This teacher student romance NOW PROMO-PRICED

If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey, get ready to fall in love all over again with this bestselling Kindle Unlimited new adult college romance.

The Ivy Lessons is a Kindle Unlimited New York Times Bestseller.

Teacher, plus student, equals a romance forbidden

When Sophia wins a post-graduate place at Ivy Drama College, she can’t believe her luck. The college is owned by one of the most well-respected young actors in London, Marc Blackwell – who not only founded the college, but teaches the students.

Known for his strict classes and belief in discipline, Marc has a reputation for being arrogant and aloof, yet Sophia soon finds herself drawn to this cold, fascinating young man.

Soon, Sophia is embarking on a journey of sexual discovery that promises to explore all that is forbidden between teacher and student.

LOOK INSIDE this book to see why this is one teacher student affair you will NEVER forget.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance



Treasure Lane Dragons

by Anya Nowlan

Get the complete Treasure Lane Dragons series and a bonus story in this sizzling boxed set!

Billionaire dragons always get what they want…

Treasure Lane is run by some of the strongest and wealthiest weredragons in the world. Young, hot and full of fire, they’re ready to give as much as take. But, what can a dragon who has everything in the world want?

A sexy, sassy mate, that’s what. And who can resist a devilish, blazing dragon (or two!), especially with those golden eyes that burn right through a woman…

If you like your dragons hot as hell and ready to do anything for their fated mates, then this is the box-set for you! This anthology includes the full Treasure Lane Dragons series and a bonus story, Light His Fire, following the younger brother of two of the Treasure Lane Dragons.

Each book can be read as a stand-alone and has a guaranteed HEA ending!

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Category: Paranormal Romance



Some Sort of Happy

by Melanie Harlow

Skylar Nixon. She’s even more beautiful than I remember. Ten years ago she was an impossible dream, and now she’s right here in front of me, offering everything I ever wanted.

But happiness never lasts, not for someone like me.

I have to protect us both.


Sebastian Pryce. He’s the most complicated, frustrating, beautiful man I’ve ever met, and my body craves his with a hunger I’ve never known.

My heart is his completely.

Why won’t he let me in?

“A constant battle between head and heart…A story of forgiveness, redemption, and hope. Get ready for a beautiful, passionate, awe-inspiring romance.” —Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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