To Love a Highland Dragon

by Ann Gimpel

A time-traveling dragon shifter wakens in modern-day Scotland.

A witch who ran away to medical school to hide from her destiny finds him.

Maggie knew something was off, but the hard-to-accept truth bashes gaping holes in her equilibrium. Lachlan looks odd, sounds odd, acts odd because he’s a refugee from another era. Her half-baked seduction scheme takes a hike, but her carefully constructed life is still about to change forever. Born of powerful witches, she runs headlong into the myth and magic that are her birthright.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Impossible (to Resist) Boss

by Arabella Quinn

A sexy billionaire playboy with a strict no-strings policy…
His headstrong secretary who bristles at the mere sight of him…
And a computer file that exposes her secret and very naughty fantasies about him.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Bound By Revenge

by P.G.Van & MV Kasi

“Nothing, and no one—including you—can stop this from happening. You will become my wife by tonight.”

Anika Patel led a perfect life. She had a loving family, a bright career as a doctor, and a man who was her best friend with a possibility of turning into something more.

But one phone call and an impulsive decision changed it all…

She headed for a two week vacation to a place in India to meet with her late father’s relatives. When she got there, what transpired was right out of her nightmares.

Stuck in a land of no rules or law, where family honor meant everything, she was to be bound by revenge to a man who threatened to steal her soul and also her heart…

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Category: Erotic Romance

Blurred Lines: A 3-part Military Romance

by Calinda B

Nothing like a little fun with a sexy Navy seaman to mend a broken heart.

Stood up and pissed off, Tara Lynnes is ready to throw caution to the wind and have an unforgettable weekend. Encountering a rugged Navy seaman who oozes sexuality is just the distraction she needs from her deadbeat boyfriend.

Zach Brannon is more than just twenty-four hours of fun. This military man teaches Tara the true meaning of pleasure and excitement. But when it’s time to set sail again, will Tara’s adventure end the second the submarine descends?

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Erotic Romance

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