The Offer, Boxed Set (Books 1, 2 & 3): The Billionaire’s Love Story

by Lily Zante

Just when things between them start to take a turn for the better, a misunderstanding between between Savannah and Tobias causes things to turn sour. Usually cool and controlled, Tobias loses his composure around Savannah and jumps to mile-high conclusions which force things to take a turn for the worse.

But Tobias Stone isn’t used to failing and he always gets what he wants.
And what he wants is Savannah Page.
Winning her back is one thing, keeping her is another.

Can these two damaged people escape their demons and find true love together? Or will the past catch up with them?

What happens when the billionaire with too much money meets the single mom with too much heart?

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Category: Inspirational



The Chance Encounter Series

by Ellie Danes

The complete box set of the Chance Encounter Series from Bestselling Amazon Author, Ellie Danes!

Becca Carson has her dream job and dream life in New York City. All that’s missing is the perfect man to complete it, something all of her friends have tried to fix, unsuccessfully.

Chance Vaughn is set to inherit the family dynasty and has the world at his fingertips. He can have anything money could ever buy, except for love and the approval of his family.

A situation of circumstances put the two together for an encounter where everything isn’t as it seems. What may have been a one-night stand turns into a pursuit of a lifetime.

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Category: New Adult & College



Not by Sight

by Kate Breslin

In the spring of 1917, all of Britain’s attention is on the WWI war front and the thousands of young men serving their country on the front lines. Jack Benningham, dashing heir to the Earl of Stonebrooke, is young and able-bodied but refuses to enlist despite the contempt of his peers.

A wealthy young suffragette, Grace Mabry will do anything to assist her country’s cause. Men like Jack infuriate her when she thinks of her own brother fighting in the trenches of France, so she has no reservations about handing him a white feather of cowardice at a posh masquerade ball.

But Grace could not anticipate the danger and betrayal set into motion by her actions, and soon she and Jack are forced to learn the true meaning of courage when the war raging overseas suddenly strikes much closer to home and their fervent beliefs become a matter of life and death.

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Category: Historical Romance



Mistress By Blackmail: International Billionaires I: The Italians

by Caro LaFever

A cold-hearted business tycoon. A strong-willed starving artist. A battle for each other’s heart both must win.

Determined to save her best buddy from an arranged marriage, Darcy Moran marches into Marcus La Rocca’s boardroom intent on forcing him to release his younger brother from the commitment. Yet she’s up against a formidable foe who’s not only sure the marriage should happen, but takes one look at her and wants her far away from his brother.

Blackmailed into being his pretend mistress, Darcy finds herself transported into a world of luxury and high society, something a poor artist knows nothing about. Still, she’s not a girl to be intimidated by anyone or anything, and she manages to reject all of Marc’s lures even though lust for him threatens to overcome her will.

Marcus knows women and he knows what they like. But no matter how many gifts he showers on Darcy, she refuses them all. And him. Frustrated with lust and entranced by her charms, he finds himself falling in love. An emotion he promised himself he’d never feel again.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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