Thornton Brothers Medieval Time Travel Romance Books 1-3

by Cynthia Luhrs

Curl up with your favorite beverage and cross an ocean of time to while away the day with the Thornton Brothers in this boxed set containing the first three books. There’s John, presumed dead, who is really the infamous bandit of the wood. Before the rakes of the regency period, there was Robert Thornton, Lord Highworth. Content to spend his days drinking, wenching, and hunting, Robert cared not what happened in the world around him until he met her. And finally, Edward, the eldest and most ferocious who will meet his match in Jennifer.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

A Lady’s Honor

by A.S. Fenichel

Not every match is made at the marriage mart…

After a disastrous, short-lived engagement and years of caring for her ailing grandmother, Phoebe Hallsmith is resigned to spinsterhood. But if she must be unmarried, far better to be of use than languishing at home, disappointing her parents. As an employee of the Everton Domestic Society of London, Phoebe accepts a position at the country home of an old friend and discovers an estate—and a lord of the manor—in a state of complete chaos.

Losing himself in the bottle has done nothing to ease Markus Flammel’s grief over losing his wife. Not even his toddler daughter can bring him back from the brink. Now this fiery, strong-minded redhead has taken over his home, firing and hiring servants at will and arousing unexpected desire. As not one, but two, suitors suddenly vie for Phoebe’s hand, can Markus move past loss and fight for a future with the woman who has transformed his world?

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Category: Historical Romance

Kiss and Tell

by Taylor Holloway

Billionaire. Genius. First man to have sex in space. The media is obsessed with me. The feeling was never mutual until I met Zoey Atkinson.

She’s a young, ambitious reporter, and I know I should stay away from her. But her lush curves and sharp wit are captivating.

There’s no risk I won’t take to keep Zoey safe, happy, and next to me. Forever.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Take Me Higher

by Ali Parker

Don’t Blink… You Might Miss Something.

Joe Castaletta has been running the underbelly of Chicago for decades, but it’s now time to turn over the keys to the kingdom. His right-hand man, Demetri DeMarco, is more than ready to race forward into a new way of doing old school. With Joe’s sexy daughter as his enforcer and a gang of mobsters to keep things running smoothly, he’s confident, collected and a bastard and a half.

The only thing that’s just out of his reach is the one thing he wants most… Izabella.

The first novel in a long running series. A cliffhanger is possible, though each book is intended to focus on a different part of the Castaletta syndicate structure.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

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