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“Red Roses Romance had the ability to take my book to #1 on Amazon’s contemporary romance list, which is a HUGE deal in such a big pond of other contemporary romance novels. I am shocked at how incredible my sales and page reads are increasing from this promotion. I did a promotion with another contemporary romance of mine on the same day and didn’t see near the response I saw from Red Roses Romance promotion. I am thrilled to have found this company to promote my romance novels. Try them, you won’t regret it! It’s like coming home to a dozen red roses!”

Jamie Brook Thompson

Popular Romance Author

“I was fairly impressed in how quickly Red Roses Romance was able to respond to my request. As soon as I found out I could submit my book I checked the available dates and found an opening the next day so of course I jumped on it. With only a few hours to add my info they had everything available and ready to go as requested. I had sold more books then expected. A little over 60. Any questions I had they were also kind enough to answer. I am very pleased with their services and will definitely use them again along with helping spread the word of this great opportunity so other readers and authors can check it out.”

Jessica Miller

Author of Ten Romance Novels

“I’m always on the lookout for new audiences and effective promotion sites, but am also wary of new sites that don’t deliver. When I saw Red Roses Romance was run by the Book Barbarian team, who I already recognized as proven, I booked my first two ads without hesitation. I chose the Free Book of the Day option where I could use my Amazon affiliate codes. My affiliate report shows the first book had 751 clicks and earned $67.88. The second book had 870 clicks and earned $21.68. There’s always a gamble, of course, but the ability to profit-share while getting downloads is a great way to offset my costs and still provide a decent return for Red Roses. Win-win. I like this model, and I’ve happily booked more ads with them and with their sister-site Book Adrenaline.”

Phoenix Sullivan

Managing Director (and author), Steel Magnolia Press

“This is one of the best promotional sites I have witnessed on the internet. I sold 50 copies of my book just with one post on this site. I would prefer this any day to Facebook ad or Twitter Ad. Thanks, Redroseromance for being so great. You are going to be my first stop for promotions every time.

Lots of gratefulness to the whole team.”

Shaira Chandler

Popular Romance Author

“I’m pleased to report great results from a Red Roses double feature promo a few days ago. The first book was free and the second was on sale. Book one received 567 downloads and book 2 sold 28 copies. The downloads and sales continued the next day, which was a welcome surprise. Since these are my only books in Kindle Unlimited, the pages read that followed ensured a nice return on investment.”

Noelle Greene

Romantic Suspense Author

“My Red Roses promotion paid for itself and then some. It provided a noticeable sales bump and a spike in visibility. The value for my money was excellent. In addition, everyone I dealt with at Red Roses was kind and professional. I will be using this service again!”

A. H. Lee

Popular Fantasy Romance Author

The numbers speak for themselves as do our satisfied authors and publishers.

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