Train Me

by Mia Ford

Life is cool when you are Sam Collins.
I sleep with the richest and prettiest women in the town.
I hire the smartest attorneys to intern with my law firm.
And they are almost always willing to learn – ANYTHING.
The only problem? The girl I have set my eyes on wants to keep things professional.
There was a reason I did not create a no fraternization policy!

My co-workers tell me one look into Sam Collins eyes can make my panties go wet.
I think they are exaggerating until the day he takes my hand, looks deeply into my eyes, smiles and asks my name.
Why am I suddenly gushing like Niagara Falls?

The law firm that I am interning at seems like a soap opera. Almost everyone is f*cking each other.
No wonder they told me that I would work with ‘One partner at a time.’

My luck – the very first partner is bossy and loves to talk dirty.
At work.

And now he offers to ‘train me.’
He thinks he will be able to ‘train me’ on EVERYTHING that I need to succeed.

And I am starting to love his lessons.

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Category: Contemporary Romance