Touch Me

by Kitty Kendall

Jane’s management job at a beach side hotel leaves no time for love, let alone romance. Until New Year’s Eve, when everyone in the world is partying except her and the first boy she ever kissed enters her hotel. But he’s no longer a boy, George has grown into a man with abs she’d like to lick. Jane’s obsessed, possessed. . . and she does the unthinkable. . . . she dresses in a sexy disguise, names herself Memphis and goes to George’s room uninvited.

The outrageous experience is hot and liberating and so far out of character that Jane’s ready to be locked in a padded cell. Her best friend comes to the rescue. Lolita believes it’s time for Jane to release her non-existent sexuality. So Jane agrees to a challenge. It’s dangerous. It’s exciting. And it shows Jane a wild side to herself that she never knew existed.

But how long can she hide behind her naughty little secret?

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Category: Romantic Comedy