The Shifter’s Secret Baby Girl

by T. S. Ryder

A single mom who’s never heard of shifters PLUS a bad beast with a secret PLUS a child who might be in danger…

Marguerite Ward never thought she’d be a single mom. But her little girl Elena is her life. Everything is fine. Until Elena starts shifting into a wolf pup …

Marguerite wants answers. And there’s only one person who can give them: the man she had known for only one night.

The one with the dark eyes and the crooked smile. The one whose name had dripped off her tongue like honey…

Everett Roxton has been shifting into a Wolf ever since a scientific experiment. He doesn’t need complications or commitments. He just wants to live a normal life.

But he’s about to come up against his greatest trial when the woman he’s never quite forgotten returns.

Can he face his two worst fears: Returning to the scientist who turned him into a beast?

And letting a woman into his heart?

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Category: Paranormal Romance