The Navy SEALs Romance Series

by Rachel Hanna

This is the 5-book boxed set of the Navy SEALs Romance Series. Grab all five books in one great set!

BOOK 1: RESCUED (Tanner & Taylor)
BOOK 2: HERO (Knox & Hannah)
BOOK 3: PROTECTOR (Angel & Madison)
BOOK 4: DEFENDER (Jake & Veronica)
BOOK 5: WARRIOR (Mike & Emily)

When five former Navy SEALs start their own Search & Rescue company while waiting to hopefully go back to active duty one day, they all learn that the one thing missing from each of their lives is the love of a good woman.

But the path to love is never straight or easy, and each one of their stories shows that.

So, who’s looking for a HOT Navy SEAL and a steamy love story?

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Military Romance