The Holiday Affair


Rana Bugati is a movie star who is famous for his perfect villainous roles. Handsome and cocky, he is used to winning the most beautiful women with just a smile. But when one overzealous fan with a powerful father threatens his safety, his parents want him to settle down rather quickly. He is definitely not happy being pushed towards an arranged match, and he is more than outraged that it is with a woman who had kicked his ass several times during their childhood.

Srishti Shah is driven and ambitious. She refuses to let anything or anyone distract her from the path to success. But when her fiancĂ© of seven years dumps her for not being ‘there’ in their relationship, her confidence as a woman is shaken. She wondered if a woman could have both, a demanding career, and a great relationship. Her family told her she could. And they went about it by trying to fix her up with her childhood nemesis, who for some reason they think is perfect for her.

Sparks fly when the former enemies are brought together by their eager parents. But when one unexpected kiss leads to a sizzling encounter, Rana proposes a deal. For them explore their chemistry some more, until they could get their parents off their backs. But it doesn’t take long for Rana to realize that pretending to be a couple isn’t going to cut it. Now he just has to convince Srishti that they are perfect together.

WARNING: This book contains sexual content intended for mature reading audiences only.

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Category: Erotic Romance