The Habit: An Erotic Adventure

by Victoria Rush

When Jade is working quietly at the library one day, she notices a strange figure in a black and white cloak pass by her desk. She looks up and sees a pretty nun heading into the stacks to select a book. Jade follows her movement and when the nun sits in an upholstered chair in the corner of the library, she finds another chair not far away to watch her more closely.

She begins to get more and more aroused watching the stunning nun and starts to touch herself quietly. The nun notices what Jade is doing and begins to rub her legs together under her long gown. Within minutes, the two women enjoy an intense private climax together from across the aisle.

Jade invites the nun for a coffee and before long she takes her home where they make passionate love all day. When the nun indicates that she must return to her convent, Jade doesn’t want to see her go, and they agree on a plan to sneak her into the abbey for one more night.

But when she gets into Sister Caroline’s room, a suspicious mother superior knocks on her door and insists on inspecting her room for foul play. What happens next surprises and delights Jade, as the abbess soon takes matters into her own hands…

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Category: Erotica