The Guardians of Illusion

by Edita A. Petrick

Ambrosia Severn went to California to go treasure hunting…what follows will change the course of her destiny.

When gifted young doctor Ambrosia Severn takes a beach vacation to upstate California to go treasure hunting, she is pleasantly surprised to see a naked man walking out of the surf.

Niven, the man whose excellent collection of limbs and musculature Ambrosia was so privileged to have seen, explains calmly that someone is trying to kill her. A descendant of a star-lord stranded on Earth thousands of years ago, he vows to protect Ambrosia, and discover who’s trying to kill her – before it’s too late.

Niven has secretly watched Ambrosia for 15 years, and it is his duty to protect her, but what happens when he discovers that the would-be assassin is someone close to him? And why do they want Ambrosia dead so badly? Worse still, how does Niven deal with a forbidden attraction to the woman he’s bound to keep safe…especially when the assassin is his betrothed.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance