The Dinner Party: An Erotic Adventure

by Victoria Rush


Venus’s breathing became more labored and she set her fork down to steady herself. She moved her hands to her chair armrests and closed her eyes. It was obvious that something was going on below our line of sight as she began squirming seductively in her seat. Her lips parted and she moaned softly. She sank lower in her chair, spreading her legs to accommodate whoever was touching her under the table…

When bored housewife Jade seeks to spread her wings, she discovers an erotic adventure club.

Catering to a select clientele, Fantasy Feast hosts a private dinner event which promises to stimulate all her senses. Wearing nothing but masquerade masks, dinner guests receive extra special service while their fellow diners voyeuristically look on.

Intrigued, Jade books an appointment and on the scheduled date drives to a private countryside villa. Greeted by a stunning nude hostess, she’s escorted to a personal spa where she’s sensually prepped for the main event. By the time dinner is set to begin, Jade is already at a fever pitch of excitement.

During the feast, she watches with increasing arousal as an exotic mix of naked men and women are pleasured by mysterious sensualists. When her turn finally arrives, Jade is aching in anticipation of what surprises lie in wait, while eight strangers watch her have the erotic experience of her life.

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Category: Erotica