The Billionaire Wolves’ Virgin

by Jasmine Wylder

What do you do when two billionaire Alphas fight over the right to mate you?

Curvy reporter Tanya Rouge needs to propel her career forward. Poking around on the wolf shifters territory for the story of the century might be dangerous, but could be well worth it.

Until she gets abducted.

Finding herself at the mercy of two huge predators doesn’t scare her, at all. It is quite the contrary. Arousal is flooding her virgin body in a way she’s never felt before. Not for one of them, but for both.

Nathan and Gabriel are the sizzling alphas of two packs. Muscles in all the right places and filthy rich. They are rivals, but willing to combine the packs into one when an evil ousted Alpha resurfaces.

They put their mission at risk when both set their eyes on the same curvy target. Neither will back down from their determination to make her theirs. Not to mention all the sorts of juicy things they want to do to her.

Who is going to win the right to mate Tanya? And will they be able to supplant the ousted Alpha’s plans to claim the packs as his own? Find out!

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Category: Paranormal Romance