Thanksgiving (Holiday Enchantment)

by Naomi Stone

Two years after her husband Jeff was killed in a car accident, Helen decides it’s time to move on with her life. She sends a letter of farewell to her late husband’s email account – and gets a reply. Fairy godmother magic puts Helen in touch with Jeff’s double, living in an alternate reality where she was the one who died in that accident. In his world he moved back to his parent’s ranch, pursued his dream and is now a successful mystery author. Helen is ready to risk everything to be reunited – crossing alternate dimensions, guided by fairy godmother magic and an enchanted GPS – but Jeff doesn’t believe in miracles or magic and his doubts may leave her lost in a limbo between worlds. Their journey leads them cross-country and across alternate dimensions as they follow a magical scavenger hunt for the reality where they can be together.

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Category: Fantasy Romance