Take Me To The Start

by J R Kavit

Sophia Lane is a quirky young Brooklynite living in London. An aspiring photographer who just lost her job, she considers herself damaged and keeps away from intimacy, until she meets Benjamin King, an enigmatic scientist who has invented a way to reverse cancerous cells. He makes her wishes come true and disappears, when she finally finds him, they discover that in order to be a part of each other’s worlds they’ll have to deal with their dark pasts. The past they worked so hard to hide. When a big secret comes to light, Sophia and Benjamin’s relationship takes a surprising turn. Take Me To The Start is a sexy and deeply moving novel about how the past echoes in the present and our battle with the greatest question of all: what if we could go back and do it differently? It’s a gripping and provoking read that you won’t be able to put down.

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Category: Contemporary Romance