by Katie Dowe

A sexy marriage of convenience romance by Katie Dowe.

Looking for work, Carrie finds a job as a temporary waitress at the exclusive Elite Club; a club packed full of billionaires with snobby attitudes. One night her car breaks down and a billionaire playboy Patrick offers her a ride home. Sparks fly instantly and a hot one night stand ensues. He’s awesome in bed, but Carrie decides it was just a one off fling and she should move on.

Until down the line she finds out she’s pregnant.

Patrick tells his parents, who say he should marry Carrie so he doesn’t ruin the family name. Carrie thinks Patrick’s hot, sure, but she doesn’t love him. Will Carrie and Patrick’s baby end up with a loving family and a financial legacy? Or will they inherit nothing but chaos? Find out in this hot yet stormy romance by Katie Dowe.

Suitable for over 18s only.

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Category: Contemporary Romance