Noble Hearts

by Phoenix Sullivan

Kayla has always been a sucker for strays—baby gorillas, okapis, even rhinos—so when an American doctor shows up wounded at her door, Mark LeSabre is just another stray to be taken in.

Then Ushindi’s controversial election tips the tiny nation into civil war. Forced to flee her beloved coffee plantation, Kayla’s determined not to leave any of her strays behind, including Mark, who’s found his way into her heart…and her bed.

But a rich American doctor is too valuable a prize to let escape. Thwarted at every border access, with the militia hot on their tail, Kayla and Mark’s only option for freedom is to brave a treacherous jungle route across the Mountains of the Moon. Alone, they might make it to Uganda and safety, but their ragtag group of strays will surely perish if they’re abandoned.

How far will Mark and Kayla risk their lives—and their hearts—in the service of love?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance