Next Door Daddy

by Amy Brent

Who said having a sex addition was a bad thing?
Sex addict? Aren’t all guys?
But my situation is what you could call ‘unique’.
I’m seeing my daughters best friend to work on my ‘problem’ but all I want to do is work on her – Hard and all night long!

Sexy. Sassy. Gorgeous. Katie is sex on heels and has become my latest addiction. I attend all her sessions. And then… I undress her with my eyes. If only she could let me use my hands….and mouth…and…..

Then there’s the reality that she’s half my age and my daughter’s best friend. I know it is wrong. But that only makes me want her more. I just need to take the first step and help her break those rules.

Because rules are for good girls.

And…..she is gonna be bad for her Daddy!

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Category: Contemporary Romance