Midnight Burn

by Ashur Rose

The Bane brothers, banished Watchmen of the Empyrean realm, are sentenced to Earth to prove their worth before they can return home. But none of them are feeling the effects of their punishment more than Iain.

A half-breed, Iain has two choices if he wants to survive his new home: feed on the essence of shades (the underlings responsible for slaughtering his people) or find his pure. He’s almost lost his appetite for both when a human crosses his path. She’s smart, powerful and from their soul shattering first touch—destined to be his.

Hunted by the beings responsible for killing half of his race, Lilith is in no rush to trust Iain. She has problems of her own. Big problems. Not to mention, she hardly knows him. But even that doesn’t stop the temptation she has to be with him in every way.

Their feelings for each other burn hot too quickly, and threaten to ignite the walls she’s erected to protect herself. There’s no room to let her guard down, not even for a man willing to sacrifice his body to protect her from the demons that see her as a tool to be used.

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Category: Paranormal Romance