Loved From The Grave

by Maggie Carpenter

April Hammond is heartbroken.

She and her beloved husband moved into a centuries-old manor house in the English countryside, but their love suffered a terrible fate. April found him in a pool of blood at the bottom of the stairs. Now buried at the foot of the garden, sitting at his grave is her only means of easing the indescribable grief, but to her great joy he has begun visiting her dreams.

Detective Inspector Jonathan Banks is convinced Troy Hammond was murdered. Though the villagers believe ghosts reside at Hammond Hall, he suspects a priceless art collection has more to do with Troy’s death than spirits that go bump in the night.

When he presents his findings to Hammond’s grieving widow, April realizes the detective is right! She becomes obsessed with finding those responsible, but as she joins forces with the warmhearted detective, she is met with a series of odd occurrences.

If you enjoyed the memorable movie GHOST, you’ll love this book. Mystery, suspense, and the unexpected will keep you turning the page to the shocking conclusion. Lose yourself in this romantic, edge-of your-seat ghost story. You might just come out a believer.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance