Istora – Aliens of Eldan

by Linda Mathers

Istora is an alpha male, and he needs a female that can match his attitude and his appetite. When Istora learns that the King of Eldan 9 is setting his sights on Earth and needs volunteers to bring back its treasures, Istora volunteers.

Alondra is hardworking, feisty and won’t say ‘yes’ to a man until he says it first. That is until one night after a heavy gym session her walk home doesn’t go to plan… in fact, it takes her far across the galaxy to a planet some green alien wants her to call her new home?

Alondra has news for Istora. She never says yes. But oh, how she wants to. His broad shoulders and tingling touch make her weak at the knees and she’s desperate to submit to him.

But as Alondra falls closer and closer to submitting, her life is in more danger than she thinks, and Istora’s the one to blame…

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Category: Science Fiction Romance