Immoral Society – Book One

by Catherine Hudson

On attending a season in Bath in 1787, what woman would not want to have fun at the dances, visit the theatre and have the chance to meet handsome young men? Feeling jaded from a rather raucous season in London, Anne Sheldon, a beautiful, high-spirited young woman reluctantly attends Bath, the pleasure capital of Georgian England with her family.

Reluctance quickly turns to anticipation when she meets Charles Carroll, a charmingly handsome, and very eligible young man – a man who very much has his eye on the women.

Meeting one night at a ball in the Upper Assembly Rooms have Anne and Charles finally met their match? Instantly she captivates him – never has he met a woman quite like her. Too, she is fascinated by him and instinctively Anne wants to get to know him.

In that one moment Charles is under Anne’s spell, but not only does Anne desire the alluring Charles but many others do too. Popular with the women, Anne has competition on her hands. Primarily, competition in the name of her sister, Josephine, who is used to getting her own way.

Prepared to fight for him, Anne is willing to do anything to secure the love of her life, even though it might betray her family.

If Anne does not triumph, then her happy ending is at stake.

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Category: Historical Romance