Hungry Boss

by Charlize Starr

What do you do when the hottest, most annoying billionaire on the planet wants a fake marriage… with you?

I’m a twenty-eight-year-old gal, saving myself for the one. The perfect one. So definitely not for him. He’s one of the world’s most famous playboys and not interested in relationships. Did I mention he’s my boss? He is. But he’s in trouble. His old man has given him an ultimatum: he has to settle down in three months or he won’t be president of the family’s multi-billion company.

One mistake, one night with too much liquor, and I wake up married to the guy in Vegas the next day. So we just get an annulment, right? Right. Until he makes me an offer I can’t refuse. He’ll give me the thing I want most if I continue with our legal but unconsummated marriage.

What’s a girl to do?

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Category: Contemporary Romance