Hot Single Daddy

by Juliana Conners

She gave me almost everything. Now I’m back to claim what’s mine.
But this time, I have a little someone in tow.

Emily and I dated five years ago.
It was the hottest relationship of my life and we didn’t even go all the way.
But I had wars to fight, and mistakes to make.
Now I’m an ex-military bad*ss.
Not to mention the billionaire founder of a company.
I can have any woman I want… and I often do.
But I can’t get over my high school sweetheart.
So I’m back to heat things up between us again.
There’s only one thing that might stand in the way:
I’m a father now.

Is it too late for me to be Emily’s very first time?
And will we get a second chance at love?

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Category: Contemporary Romance