Her Two Dragon Princes

by Jasmine Wylder

Human mates were the easiest to find – or so they thought.

Sizzling hot stepbrothers Lloyd and Foster, dragon princes, didn’t want to lose the throne to their sister, Silvia. Especially when all they needed to ensure the crown was a mate. Confident in their abilities, the two brothers set up a bet. The first one to find a mate would become Dragon King. No questions asked. But, all bets are off once they meet Emily, the strong and independent nightclub owner whose perfect smile and sexy curves cast a spell on the two dragons that even they cannot break.

Emily, as independent as she is, soon learns that she cannot survive alone. Still, even with her resources dwindling day by day, she continues to run the nightclub by herself, hoping things would turn up. She just never expected that two handsome individuals would offer her a loan and a partnership she couldn’t deny. Soon, their money is replaced by a sex appeal that makes her mind swim. In a way, they seem almost too good to be true. Where did these men get their money and why did they want to help her, of all people?

As their partnership develops, Emily notices something peculiar. The men never stay past sunrise. And their eyes… Maybe Foster and Lloyd weren’t the men she thought they were. But Emily is too far deep now. If she runs, she faces mysterious councils, whelps, and maybe worse of all – death.

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Category: Paranormal Romance